Theological Examination Of Necromancy And Its Parallel In Dangme Religio-Cultural Setting

  • Ebenezer Tetteh Fiorgbor
  • Emmanuel Kojo Ennin Antwi
  • Jonatan Edward Tetteh Kuwornu-Adjaottor


This paper offers a theological examination of necromancy in ancient Israel and its parallel in Dangme religio-cultural setting about the place of the dead. This
encounter with the spirit of Samuel, rhetoric or realism? Why was necromancy considered a theological aberrant in biblical theology? What form or nature is life after death? Should theology identify rational grounds for accepting or rejecting the messages from the dead? The paper discusses the -Dor and its sensitivities in biblical history will as the background to the deliberation along with necromantic theories of the of the place of the dead and afterlife in Dangme religious and cultural settings. The paper