Marital Suspicion: A Comparative Study Of Numbers 5:11-31 and the Ancient Near East Mari And Hummurabi Codes

  • Elisha Kwabena Marfo


Through a comparative analysis, this study attempted to address the problem of the relationship between Numbers 5:11-31 and the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) concept of adultery. Diverse answers from different perspective have evolved from the question of the relationship between ANE adultery ordeal and that of Numbers 5:11-31. This Study investigates the concept of adultery in Number 5 with the ANE by bringing together the comparative relationship between the two. It is argued that the trial by ordeal in Number 5:1131 provides the assurance that judgment and its related punishment would not be in the hands of the people, but that through this instruction God provides the assurance that He
However, the ANE account have the punishment solely in the hand of the magical person who official the trial. Both accounts, therefore, may point to a single source in the eyes of critical scholars, only that each account focuses mainly on different divine figure which is a crucial element of the ordeal YHWH or the gods.