Mapping the Effects of Anthropogenic Activities in the Catchment of Weija Reservoir using Remote Sensing Techniques.

  • N. D. Tagoe
  • S. Mantey
Keywords: Land Cover, GIS, Remote Sensing, Weija Catchment


Man has contributed to land cover alteration since time-immemorial through clearing of land for residential, agriculture, recreational and industrial purposes. The emergence of adapting wild plants and animals for human use as well as industrialisation have also contributed to the alteration of land cover. Over the years, anthropogenic activities have had great impact on the Weija catchment. This study seeks to map the catchment and determine the impact of anthropogenic activities using Remote Sensing techniques. Observations and measurements were made on the field as well as classification of land cover using Landsat images of years 1991, 2003 and 2017. Results showed an increase in built-up areas by 18% from 1991 to 2017. Other classes such as shrubs increased due to decrease in dense vegetation. This study confirms the use of Remote Sensing as a valuable tool for detecting change in land cover and determining the impact of anthropogenic activities in the Weija Catchment.