Effect Of Solar And Oven Drying On The Nutrient Composition Of Keitt Mango ( Angifera Indica L.) Pulp

  • G K Muhunu
  • F Appiah
  • A H Abubakari


Keitt Mango fruits are popular mango varieties that are driedfor consumption using dfferent technologies. The influence of different drying methods on nutritional composition needs to be assessed This study therefore assessed the effect of solar and oven drying technologies on nutritional composition. Standard methods were used to determine the proximate and mineral composition of Keitt mango pulp. The results showed that whereas solar drying was superior in preserving fat (0.61%), magnesium (134mg/kg) and calcium (39.6 mg/kg), oven drying preserved protein (3.17%), ash (2.60%), carbohydrates (84.25%), energy (414.7 KJ), iron (6.70 mg/kg) and potassium (396 mg/kg) better. The study indicates that since oven drying preserved most of the nutrients, it would therefore be more suitable in drying Keitt mango pulp for use in combating malnutrition.