Baseline Survey On The Seasonal Market Share Of Exotic And Indigenous Leafy Vegetables Produced, Sold And Consumed In Tamale, Ghana

  • M Osei-Kwarteng
  • G K Muhunu
  • E Yeboah


Market information on vegetables in Ghana is mostly limited to exotic vegetables. The status of Indigenous Leafy Vegetables (ILVs) and Exotic Vegetables (EVs) was studied during the wet and dry seasons in the Tamale Metropolis. The study aimed at providing status of information on the market share of the ILVs and EVs produced, sold and consumed in the Tamale Metropolis. Five major vegetable production areas (Builpela, Sangani, Manguli, Datoyili and Gumbihini) and 4 major markets (Aboabo, Central, Lamashegu and Kukuo) were purposively selected for the survey. A total of 260 semi-structured questionnaires were randomly administered to producers, marketers and consumers. Six major ILVs (Amaranthus spp, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Corchorus olitorius, Vernonia amygdalina, Vigna unguiculata and Abelrnoschus esculentus) and 5 major EVs (Brassica oleracea var capitata, Capsicum annuum, Lactuca sativa, Daucus carota and Cucumis sativa) were present in the market. The averaged seasonal market share for the highly demanded EV (cabbage, 43%) was higher than that of the ILV (amaranthus, 36%). The six major ILVs and their corresponding averaged market share were Amaranthus hybridus 36%, Hibiscus sabdariffa 32%, Corchorus olitorius 15%, Vernonia amygdalina 5%, Abelmoschus esculentus 5% and Vigna unguiculata 8%. The averaged seasonal market shares for the EVs were Brassica oleracea var capitata 43 %, Capsicum annum 26 %, Lactuca sativa 21 %, Daucus carota 8 % and Cucumis sativa)3 % . Market margins for both ILVs and EVs were higher in the dry season between GH0.05 -1 respectively, however the least margin was recorded for Corchorus and highest for Xanthosornonas saggitifoliurn. Amaranthus and roselle; the ILVs with the high market share are recommended for enhanced cultural practices and post harvest handling technologies for sustainable production and marketing to improve their value chain for better marketing opportunities.