Field Evaluation Of Rice Losses Of The Yanmar DD 1000 Thresher In Ghana

  • G. A Akolgo
  • M. N. Josiah
  • A. A. Mahama
Keywords: Grain losses, Rice thresher, Drum speed, Concave Clearance, Feed Rate


Lower performances of traditional threshing methods, labour shortage, reduced turn-around time, the quest to modernize Agriculture and use of high yielding varieties call for mechanization of grain threshing. There is the need for data on various losses of Agricultural produce at all stages of production. This is necessary in finding solutions to the problem of losses. Recently introduced Yanmar DB 1000 ® rice thresher has gained popularity among Ghanaian farmers because it is affordable and easy to use. However, experts had shown that the thresher causes high grain losses. This study evaluated the field performances of the thresher and found a way to reduce its grain losses to the ASABE recommended value of 3%. The evaluation showed that the thresher has a total losses of 9.6% which is higher than the recommended 3%. The analysis revealed the relationship between drum speed, concave clearance and feed rate and the measured variables (grain losses and broken grains). The study, therefore, proposed a modification of the Yanmar DB 1000 thresher to reduce rice losses.