The usage Of ICTS In the Teaching and learning of mathematics; Tracer Study Of Mathematics Educators

  • S. K. Asiedu-Addo
  • J. Apawu
  • N.A Owusu-Ansah
Keywords: ICTs, in-service mathematics educators, teaching and learning of mathematics, software, ICT integration


The purpose of the study is to do a follow up on in-service mathematics educators on the usage of ICTs in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The study employed the descriptive survey design. A sample of 48 participants was purposefully and conveniently selected. The instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire. Data were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. Results show that 95.8% of the participants were aware of the integration of ICTs into the teaching and learning of mathematics and 41.7% were incorporating ICTs into the teaching and learning of mathematics. Results also indicated that the in-service mathematics educators mostly incorporated Spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel), MS PowerPoint and Word Processing Software (e.g. MS Word) in their instructions. The participants stated nonavailability of software, no computers and other ICT hardware, some software were difficult to use, expensive software as some problems they face in their attempt to integrating ICTs into their teaching and learning of mathematics. The mathematics content areas where ICTs were mainly incorporated include Statistics and Probability. Most teachers agree or strongly agree to the positive effect the use of ICTs have on students’ learning. Schools in Ghana need to be well resourced with ICT hardware, software, etc. so that in-service mathematics educators who wish to incorporate ICTs into the teaching and learning of mathematics could do so without any hindrance.