Proximal Qualitative Analysis Of Some Surface and Groundwater Sources In Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria

  • O.A Oyebanjo
  • Fowodu O. Sowole
  • E.o Falayi
Keywords: water quality, proximal, qualitative analysis, Ijebu-Igbo


The purpose of this present study was to physically and chemically assess the quality of drinking water obtained from the ground and surface water sources in Ijebu-Igbo town, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria. Ten (10) water samples were collected from different water sources in the study area and analyzed using Titration Method, Flame Photometer, Spectrophotometer, Water Portable Meter and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS). Results suggested that the pH, EC (electrical conductivity), TDS (total dissolved solids), temperature and the total hardness of the water samples ranges between 7.14 – 9.85, 213 – 763 µscm-1 , 101 – 383mgL-1 , 27.5 – 27.90C and 46 – 408 mgL-1 respectively. And the amount of Na+ , K+ , Ca2+ , Mg2+ , Pb2+ , Zn2+ , and NO3- ranges between 3 – 6 mgL-1, 1 – 7 mgL-1, 52 – 912 mgL-1, 698 – 304 mgL-1, -0.0508c – 0.0968 mgL-1, -0.0277c – 0.0992 mgL-1 and 0.0966 – 1.3527 mgL-1 respectively. The results obtained showed that the water when compared with the WHO standard parameters for safe drinking water falls within the tolerable range and hence it is suitable for drinking and domestic use without any health risk.