Knowledge And Health Implication Of Female Genital Mutilation In Nigeria

  • M.O Salomi
Keywords: Female genital, Mutilation, Clitoris. Health, Myth


The female genital mutilation, commonly known as female circumcision, involves the partial or total removal of the external genital organs. This act usually cause serious infections to the victims as a result of injury sustained during the procedure. The myth behind the practice is so deeply rooted that in many communities where it is practiced, men may refuse to marry a woman who has not undergone the procedure because they believe that none removal of the clitoris may cause the death of the baby during the delivery, it prevents unfaithfulness in marriage as it controls women’s sexuality, and makes vaginal trimmed and look better. The traditional practice is often carried out by an unskilled traditional midwife circumciser who may cut off part or whole organ from the vulvae of young girl which has immediate and long term Health implications on the is recommended among others that Government should enact a law prohibiting the practice and health providers should desist from providing the services. Penalties should be imposed on those who violate the law.