Psychological Effects Of Sports Injuries On Career Prospects Of Athletes In Kwara State, Nigeria

  • E.O Sarpong
Keywords: Career Prospect, level of competition, Sports Injuries, and Psychological effects of sports injuries, psychotherapy


Athletes have lost interest in pursuingtheir sports careers as a result of injuries. These injuries led to psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, identity loss and fear re-occurrence of injury. The research was carried out to ascertain the psychological effects of sports injuries on career prospects of athletes in Kwara State. Descriptive research design was adopted. The population of the study comprised athletes in Kwara State. A purposive and stratified sampling technique was used to select one hundred and four athletes. A researcher designed Questionnaire with a reliability of 0.70 was used to collect data. Descriptive statistics of Percentages and inferential statistics of Analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to analyse the data collected at 0.05 alpha. Findings of the study revealed that sports injuries based on level of competition (F(3,100) =2.70, p <0.001) had significant psychological effects on career prospects of athletes in Kwara State, while sports injuries based on gender, sports specialty and age did not. Recommendations were that: athletes at all levels of competition should be educated on the coping strategies of managing sports injuries, athletes suffering from sports injuries should be referred to a counsellor for psychotherapy.