Sport Participation And Violence Against Female Athletes

  • B. Dupe
Keywords: Violence, Female Athletes, Sports, Risk Factors


Violence against women and girls is endemic to nearly all societies and it takesdifferent forms. Violence is at the extreme end of a continuum that includes genderbased discrimination, taunts and sexual harassment. This is an act to hurt or makewomen suffer physically, sexually, psychologically.Sport which supposed to be valuable tools to address and improve self-esteem, bodycontrol, leadership, assertiveness and all elements which can contribute to tackleviolence is now the major cause of violence against female athletes. Allegationof sexual assault and harassment put a link between sport and violence againstfemale athlete firmly on the public agenda. There is considerable evidence to support thislink between sport and violence against female athletes both nationally andinternationally. In light of this, the paper reviews the literature pertaining toviolence against female athletes and sports. It examines the context and settings in whichsport-related violence against women occurs. It focuses on violence against female athletes by male athletes, sporting events and coaches offemale athletes. The paper concludes by recommending some preventive measuresthat can reduce violence against female athletesduring sportprogramme.